About us

       Embark on a journey with Globallyfulfill, your dedicated partner in apparel and clothing order fulfillment. We’re a global operation headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with international centers stationed across the globe. Specializing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) apparel brands, our expertise ranges from managing store orders and factory procurement to enabling impactful e-commerce presence for your clothing brand.

       The seeds of Globallyfulfill were sown with an aim to revolutionize the fashion industry’s order fulfillment process. Our objective was simple yet ambitious – to elevate e-commerce clothing brands and enable them to thrive in a competitive market. Since our establishment, we have relentlessly optimized our services, providing unparalleled clothing order management solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.


Eman Liu CEO
Globallydropshipping Eman Liu founder
Huijin IFE, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

The story of founder

I’m Eman Liu, the founder of Globallyfulfill. Since our establishment in 2015, we have been dedicated to providing a streamlined, efficient, and high-quality clothing order fulfillment service for DTC clothing e-commerce businesses worldwide. My journey started in 2009, while working in the bustling clothing wholesale market at the Guangzhou Railway Station. As a proprietor of a foreign trade clothing company, my role was extensive – handling everything from product marketing to supplier sourcing, quality control, inventory management, and logistics. It was this experience that ignited my vision for Globallyfulfill. After navigating my way through the complexities of the clothing supply chain, I realized the significant need for a more seamless, reliable, and efficient process. The challenges of sourcing from genuine factories, managing product quality, overcoming overstocking, and ensuring timely deliveries were obstacles that many businesses like mine encountered daily. In 2012, several of my international clients expressed their struggles with fulfilling orders efficiently. With their experiences echoing my own, I identified the need for a professional and reliable Chinese clothing dropshipping purchasing agent, a need that transcended geographical boundaries. It was then that the seed for Globallyfulfill was planted. After three years of meticulous planning and preparation, Globallyfulfill was born in 2015. Our team – now a strong force of over 60 professionals – shares a common goal: to revolutionize DTC clothing e-commerce by providing unparalleled fulfillment services. We leverage our team members’ varied experiences and backgrounds, ensuring we cover all aspects of the supply chain, from logistics to warehousing, foreign trade, and beyond.

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