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Global A Beginner's Guide To Using Google Adwords for Dropshipping
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A Beginner's Guide To Using Google Adwords for Dropshipping

Global Google Adwords

In the fiercely competitive landscape of e-commerce, the primary challenge faced by dropshippers is captivating the attention of potential customers. Among the array of strategies available, of all the dropshipping marketing strategies one of the most formidable is Google Adwords. The potential offered by Google Ads for dropshipping is amazing. 

So, how can you use the benefits of this tool to your advantage? That’s what the article will provide. You’ll get to see how effective Google AdWords can be in marketing your business and how you can get started using it. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s begin.


Google Adwords and How It Works 

Google Ads is an advertising platform built by Google to give businesses large or small an audience with whom they can market a wide range of products, services, and videos. 

The platform can help you and your dropshipping store boost your visibility by ranking higher in Google search results or by placing advertisements on websites that are on the Google AdSense network. To manage ad campaigns for products, the Google Merchant Center is used.

It provides options for inventory management, bid settings, performance tracking, and issue resolution. Google Ads costs can vary significantly, with average costs per click ranging from $0.10 to $2. 

For most dropshipping businesses, campaigns that prioritise ad placements based on relevance to search terms tend to yield better results. 

Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaigns, which display product images and descriptions directly in search results, are effective, particularly for fashion items.

How Beneficial Can Google Adwords Be For Dropshipping 

Using Google Adwords can be an invaluable tool for you in your dropshipping businesses. It offers you an effective means to scale and connect with a broader audience. 

By using Google AdWords, you will be able to efficiently reach potential customers who are actively in search of products. When a consumer is on the hunt for an item to purchase, their first stop is often Google.

When you set up ads using Google Adwords, you can establish a connection with these potential customers and potentially reach up to 90% of internet users globally, and enjoy significantly improved conversion rates.

The major benefit Google Adwords provides is that it allows you to reach users primed for making a purchase. So you are going straight to a consumer ready to buy, thereby removing the need to start creating awareness of your dropshipping products. 

Although you should know that Google doesn't completely accept the use of Adwords for dropshipping since you're selling items you don't have in stock, it is possible to use it as long as your products are high quality and get delivered within the agreed-upon time frame. 


Types of Google Adwords 

Once you have built your dropshipping store, you can use Google Adwords to market it. 

Google Adwords provides more than ten kinds of ads that various businesses can take advantage of but, when it comes to dropshipping there are four Google ads you should start taking advantage of. 


1. Search Ads

Global Search Ads

These are text-based advertisements displayed on Google's search engine result pages (SERP) when potential customers make search queries. 

Search ads are exceptionally useful when you want to target individuals actively seeking products that you offer. They are a direct way to reach out to an audience who are ready to buy. 

Even if your website doesn't rank well in organic search results, search ads can significantly boost your product's exposure.

For example, if a consumer is searching for a t-shirt, and your dropshipping company sells them, your search ads will automatically appear above or below the organic search results, based on your bid price. You're essentially paying for exposure. 

However, you should keep in mind that search advertising can be expensive because it works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, the price depends on how competitive the keywords you have chosen are. 

Using the Google Keyword Planner that is integrated into Google Ads you can always see the price.

2. Display Ads

Global Display Ads

Unlike search advertising, display ads are not associated with search queries. Display ads are usually visually appealing images that are distributed across a display network based on specific criteria you set.

Display ads are typically found in banner or box formats on websites, often positioned at the top or side of a webpage. These ads tend to be more cost-effective, but their results may not always be as immediately rewarding as search ads.

These ads enable you to connect with users who haven't yet initiated product searches on Google but might be enticed by your appealing offer. They serve as a way to introduce your brand to a wider audience.


3. Shopping Ads

Global Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are strategically designed to target individuals who are in the consideration phase of their consumer journey and are positioned prominently above regular search results. 

One major distinction of Shopping Ads is that it doesn't allow direct keyword targeting like search ads do. Instead, these ads rely on the product information available in your Google Merchant Center, including details like product name, description, and other attributes. 

They enable you to swiftly showcase special offers, shipping details, product images, and additional product information in the SERP. 

Using this product data, Google dynamically determines the most suitable placements for your ads. For example, if you sell shoes and someone searches for "shoes," your ad will appear at the top of the search results page. 

To optimise Google Shopping Ads, you need to connect your store's product feed to Google Merchant Center, set your spending limit, and specify the target country for delivery. 

It is important to note that Google must approve any content you type, but for the rest the process is automatic. 


4. Video Ads

Global Video Ads

These ads are primarily designed for the vast audience of YouTube users. With over 2 billion viewers globally, YouTube is an excellent space to introduce your brand to your target audience. 

Through Google Ads, you can place video advertisements in YouTube search results and before, during, or after YouTube videos. 

You have the capability to target your desired consumers based on factors like age, gender, and their interests. In-stream video ads, for example, begin with a 5-second countdown, after which viewers must either watch the entire ad or proceed to the video they originally intended to watch.

This format provides you with ample time to effectively convey your message and capture the viewer's attention. 


Getting Started With Google Ads For Dropshipping 

Knowing how beneficial Google Ads can be for your Dropshipping store, here's how you can get started using it. 


1. Know Your Basics

Here are some terms you should know before you create your first campaign: 

  • Bid: Your bid represents the highest amount you're prepared to invest for each click on your ad.
  • Ad Rank: Ad Rank indicates when your ad will be displayed on Google. It's determined by factors like Quality Score.
  • Quality Score: Quality Score assesses the relevance of your keywords to your landing page and ad. A higher Quality Score translates to better ranking performance.


2. Set Up Your Campaign 

Creating a Google Ads campaign is a very easy process. As long as you follow the set of steps listed on their tutorial page then, you can start your own campaign.

To initiate the setup, Google will ask you personalized business questions to tailor your ad campaign better. On the initial page, Google will inquire whether you wish to promote your website or business profile. 

While Google provides recommendations for each option, it's advisable to exercise caution and not follow these suggestions immediately.

Despite their apparent convenience, these recommendations often result in increased ad spending. To have more control over your campaign and budget, I recommend manually creating your own. 

During the campaign setup, it's crucial to define your budget. Google Ads can swiftly consume your funds if not managed prudently. You'll need to establish the maximum amount you're willing to pay per click.

Even small amounts per click, like 50 cents, can accumulate quickly due to the vast number of daily Google searches.


3. Generate Your Keywords

An effective keyword plan is essential for ensuring that your target audience can find you when your ads are displayed. Carefully curated keywords are the foundation for driving successful traffic to your dropshipping business.

To begin, use the Google Keyword Planner and search for keyword competition in the specific country you are targeting. For instance, if you select a keyword like "dropshipping products," its competitiveness may vary greatly between countries.

 You can utilize various tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or others to assist in this process. Consider your market presence and where you stand within your industry. 

Your current position in the market will influence the types of keywords you should target. SEMrush can help you with that. 


4. Lastly, Write Your Ad Copy 

There's so much to say here but to make sure this article isn't too long, I'll be dropping a detailed guide on writing ad copy. Just ensure your copy is written in your brand voice to distinguish your store from others. 

You can hire a professional to do this for you if you have no experience writing copy. 


How To Prevent Your Store From Getting Suspended 

Global How To Prevent Your Store From Getting Suspended

Preventing your dropshipping store from getting suspended on Google is crucial, especially with the recent wave of bans. However, it's important to understand that Google Ads can still be a valuable tool for dropshipping if you approach it smartly.

One of the major reasons Google is taking action against dropshipping stores is the lack of originality. There has been an increase in low-quality, copy-pasted dropshipping stores in recent times. 

Google's algorithm has evolved to identify such stores and take action against them based on the potential negative comments or reviews customers leave.

Here are some tips to help you prevent your own store from getting suspended:

Be original

Several dropshipping stores lack uniqueness resorting to copying product descriptions, images, and other content for quick profits. 

To avoid being suspended, you'll need to be original. Develop a unique brand voice that speaks directly to your target audience, avoid using stock images, and regularly update your content to keep your store fresh. 


Make sure your website is appealing

Your website is the digital storefront of your business. Prioritizing quality design is paramount. 

A well-structured, aesthetically pleasing site appeals to visitors and encourages them to explore your offerings. Make sure your site is also mobile-responsive to cater to a broader audience. 

Fix all English mistakes. Accurate spelling, grammar, and clear communication are essential for credibility. Ensure that your content is error-free.

Also provide clear contact information, a well-structured About Us page, and an easily accessible FAQ section.


Work with reliable suppliers

Your supplier is the lifeblood of your dropshipping business. Find a supplier that manufactures or sells quality products and is reliable in meeting shipping and delivery deadlines. 

A supplier you should try out if you’re into selling clothing is Globallyfulfill. They are a Chinese company dedicated to sourcing quality clothing items and using cutting-edge technologies such as to manage its storage and shipping logistics. 

Here’s a list of other reliable suppliers you can try. Check them out. 


Google Ads stands indisputably as one of the best platforms for marketing your dropshipping business. Its reach, precision, and potential for high returns are undeniable. But, you need to understand that it may not be the ideal starting point for beginners. 

It's quite expensive but if you have the budget and can avoid getting your account suspended, then you can use Google Ads without any hesitation for your dropshipping store. 

 Apart from that, another challenge is the risk of account suspensions but this can be avoided but you can avoid this by using the info I've provided above and also by finding a reliable supplier who can keep to delivery schedules. 





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