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30 Best Made in China Products List for Dropshipping
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30 Best Made in China Products List for Dropshipping

China is the manufacturing powerhouse offering almost all kinds of products, including electronics, fashion, home decor, and much more. However, dropshipping business owners should seek only high-quality, cost-effective products that are easy to source, store, and sell. 

If you are a business owner seeking your next successful dropshipping hit, this article is for you. We have compiled the 30 most successful drop shipping products from China, which will gain guaranteed profits and help you stand apart in the competitive world of e-commerce. 

The Products: 


Number 30: Watches


GloballyDropshipping Watches.webp


The watch industry in China is another attractive sourcing destination. Most of the world's watches are produced in China's main industrial zones. Many luxury watch manufacturers also turn to China for their watch manufacturing. 

Hence, China is ideal for sourcing luxury watches and replicas. Replicas of famous brands like Rolex, Omega, IWC, and Patek Philippe are easily accessible in China. Those businesses that deal with high-quality watch replicas should source them from China. 

Number 29: Eyewear


GloballyDropshipping Eyewear.webp


Chinese eyewear holds immense popularity among sourcing companies. This highly demanded product offers an amazing business opportunity owing to a cheap cost range. 

This allows businesses to gain high profits from this product. Suppliers are also given a vast selection option. They can explore eyewear from low to high quality, making it ideal to target a wide customer range. 

Number 28: Wigs


GloballyDropshipping Wigs.webp


The trend of wigs on social media has made them immensely popular. Hence, businesses seeking high-quality wigs with high-profit potential turn towards China.

 It supplies wigs made from human, synthetic, and even blended materials. You can easily choose your wigs according to your customer's desired appearance and budget. 

Number 27: Stationary


GloballyDropshipping Stationary.webp


China is a manufacturing hub for cute stationary and office supplies. These essential items are always in demand. There is also a vast selection of pens, notebooks, erasers, sharpers, pencils, and more. However, pens are among the most popular items. 

China offers almost everything from metal and plastic pens to creative and touch pens. The availability of different qualities also enables you to choose according to your target customers. Hence, businesses can easily profit by sourcing low-cost stationary from China.

Number 26: Children's Toys


GloballyDropshipping Children's Toys.webp


China is the top producer of toys. It manufactures toys of various styles, sizes, and materials. The toys can be highly profitable owing to their constant demand. Businesses are offered various categories, including bicycles, dolls, cars, etc. 

Trending toys are also swiftly available in the Chinese market. These toys can cater to a wide age group and preference range. Whether you are looking for entertaining or educational toys, China has them all. 


Number 25: Electronic devices


GloballyDropshipping Electronic devices.webp


China is renowned for manufacturing electronics owing to brands like Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei. The most popular products from this category are phones, computers and cameras. The prices in China make these products a favorable choice for sourcing for technology-based businesses. 

Another popular item is the wireless Bluetooth headset, which can be bought from China at a fraction of the price compared to the USA. If you are looking for products like USB chargers, Power Banks, and Mobile Phone holders, China is your go-to destination for sourcing. 

Number 24: Blankets 


GloballyDropshipping Blankets.webp


China is famous for manufacturing textiles, but the most prominent product is its blankets. Various types of blankets are available in the Chinese market, ranging from bed and knee blankets to even beach blankets.

 These textile products are offered in a wide range of quality and prices, making them attractive for sourcing. Hence, textile businesses can opt for Chinese textiles, especially blankets, to make high profits easily. 

Number 23: Drinking Straws


GloballyDropshipping Drinking Straws.webp


The rise of environmental awareness has led to stainless steel drinking straws becoming immensely popular. These reusable straws are a great market to tap for new businesses. These are safe, hygienic, durable, and suitable for hot and cold beverages. 

This versatile, eco-friendly product can easily be sourced from China at a great competitive price. This allows businesses to offer a sustainable solution to their customers while making great profits. By minimising plastic waste, brands can also set a great image in the market. 

Number 22: Hardware 


GloballyDropshipping Hardware.webp


Hardware products include plumbing, gardening, and many other tools required for industrial and household use. China is a prominent manufacturing hub of hardware. 

You can find a diverse variety of hardware all under one roof. These products are very in demand owing to their need in everyday life. Hence, businesses can source hardware known for its quality and affordability from China and enjoy skyrocketing success. 

Number 21: Kitchen Supplies


GloballyDropshipping Kitchen Supplies.webp


Kitchen supplies, including machinery and utensils, are always in demand as they are required for cooking and food preparation. This makes these supplies a very safe option to source and sell. China offers an ideal destination to source these items for a low cost without compromising on quality. 

Many efficient tools, like garlic presses and cutters, are very attractive among customers. Hence, businesses can choose from diverse product varieties according to their customers to gain potential profits.

Number 20: Makeup


GloballyDropshipping Makeup.webp


The cosmetic and personal care market in China is very attractive among businesses. The products are offered in a wide range of quality and selection options, allowing businesses to select according to their needs. 

The most famous products with high-profit potential include false eyelashes, eye makeup, and brushes. These products have a great customer appeal, making them the best product to source. 

Number 19: Pet Supplies


GloballyDropshipping Pet Supplies.webp


Pet supplies are very useful for pet owners. They constantly seek products that can make their work easier. China offers these products at a low cost without compromising on quality. 

Businesses can find toys, collars, bedding, apparel, crates, litter boxes, and grooming supplies. The designs and colors available are also immense, making them attractive for businesses. 

Number 18: Security Gadgets


GloballyDropshipping Security Gadgets.webp


The rise of crime worldwide has made security gadgets an attractive product. China offers many security gadgets, including cameras, tracking devices, and sensors for houses, offices, and even cars. 

Hence, businesses can easily get them cheaply and make ample profits due to constant demand. 

Number 17: Beauty tools 


GloballyDropshipping Beauty tools.webp


There is more emphasis on skincare, which, paired with social media trends, has made two beauty tools extremely popular. These are the Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Tools. These products, made with stones like jade, serve therapeutic and beautifying purposes. 

Businesses should use this opportunity to source these products cheaply from China and sell at high-profit margins. 

Number 16: Hydrocolloid patches


GloballyDropshipping Hydrocolloid patches.webp


Hydrocolloid patches have gained popularity through TikTok. This product is great for skin care and wound healing. 

Being an innovative solution, it tends to attract people, making it a great sourcing product. It is also cheap, which allows high-profit margins. The global demand for skincare makes this product a safe choice for businesses.

Number 15: Clocks 


GloballyDropshipping Clocks.webp


Wall clocks are a necessity in households. China is a manufacturer of timepieces offering versatile design options. You can find everything from simple and minimalist designs to extravagant, eye-catching pieces. 

The diversity in quality and design enables businesses to gain a wide customer base, which in turn helps them make more profits. 

Number 14: Orthopaedic pillow 


GloballyDropshipping Orthopaedic pillow.webp


Orthopedic pillows have risen in demand among those seeking comfortable and health-oriented sleeping solutions. China makes these pillows in various materials like bamboo and vented gel. 

They come in various shapes and sizes, which help alleviate discomfort and enhance sleep quality. This practical item has amazing profits for businesses as they are easy to source, sell, and ship.

Number 13: Mirrors


GloballyDropshipping Mirrors.webp


China has an amazing mirror-producing industry. These mirrors are available cheaply but in various materials, sizes, and shapes. Recently, LED mirrors have gained a lot of popularity.

 For businesses, these are attractive products that, despite difficult shipping, prove to be highly profitable.

Number 12: Phone Cases

 GloballyDropshipping Phone Cases.webp


In today's world of technology phone cases are among the most sought-after Chinese products. These are available in a variety of materials specially plastic which is highly in-demand.


You can also discover the amazing range of designs and colours which are bound to attract customers. This cost effective product has a constant demand that allows businesses to enjoy high profits. 

Number 11: Ceramics 


GloballyDropshipping Ceramics.webp


There are many types of ceramics available in the Chinese market, but vases are the most popular among them. However, vases are also available in many other materials, like glass and plastic. 

Despite their fragile nature, they are amazing for sourcing and selling. These home decor items are quite in demand as they offer quality and profitability for businesses. 

Number 10: Nail Art


GloballyDropshipping Nail Art.webp


Nail polish is a product that never loses its value. This much-loved item can be sourced from China in a diverse variety ranging from gel, matte, glitter, and many other options. 

China also offers amazing manicure kits, which have recently gained popularity, along with nail stampers and stickers. These products are cost-effective for businesses, helping them become successful. 

Number 9: Plastic Products 


GloballyDropshipping Plastic Products.webp


China is a leading manufacturer of plastic; hence, it offers many plastic products. However, businesses must choose plastic products that are safe to use and can help gain maximum profits. 

These products include bottles, lunch boxes, rubber items, trays, and storage bins. Their everyday requirement puts them in high demand among customers. 

Number 8: Bags


GloballyDropshipping Bags.webp


The bag market is easy to enter because of its versatility and profitability. This popular category has a great customer base, making it attractive among businesses.

 China offers a great diversity of bags, including travel bags, backpacks, and even handbag bags. Businesses are also offered multiple bag materials like leather to choose from. These products are high-quality and cost-effective, making them great for sourcing.

Number 7:  Lights




China offers various LED light options, from floor lamps to table lamps and spotlights. Ring lights are also highly profitable because of the increasing demand. 

They are sought by photographers, social media influencers, and even ordinary people. Hence, lights are a highly successful product to source from China. 

Number 6: Furniture 


GloballyDropshipping Furniture.webp


Furniture is an important part of our daily lives. China produces diverse furniture, like sofas, beds, and tables. These highly demanded items are made from a variety of great quality materials. 

China also offers various options in colors, styles, and sizes. Hence, businesses dealing with home decor and furnishing can turn to China for sourcing their products to enjoy success. 

Number 5: Shoes 


GloballyDropshipping Shoes.webp


China has dominated the world of shoe manufacturing. Its footwear industry offers many shoe options, including rubber, cloth, plastic, and leather shoes. To further cater to customer's preferences, they offer a wide range of quality options, styles, and colors. 

The most popular shoes to source and sell are women's shoes. Water shoes have also gained popularity owing to their lightweight, slim, and durable design. 

The quality, affordability, and diversity of China's shoe market are ideal for businesses. To know more about Chinese wholesale markets read this article. 

Number 4: Socks


GloballyDropshipping Socks.webp


The demand for socks never goes down. Socks are a great sourcing option, allowing businesses to cater to all age groups. China offers various designs and styles, including creative, colorful, fancy, subtle, and even personalized socks. 

The quality and enhanced glossiness add more appeal to the product. Businesses also have an option to choose from the wide material range being offered. This profitable product is ideal to venture into as it is bound to gain business success.


Number 3: Jewellery 


GloballyDropshipping Jewellery.webp


China is a great market for both cheap and high-quality jewelry. It offers many attractive options at a low cost, making it ideal for businesses wanting to gain maximum profits. 

Many trendy jewelry items are also swiftly available to meet customer demands. The most popular is micro-paving fashion jewelry. Being less luxurious but having exquisite designs, it balances quality and affordability. 

Number 2: Accessories 


GloballyDropshipping Accessories.webp


Fashion accessories are among the most profitable sourcing options from China. The most popular items in this category include hats and belts. The hats are available in materials including leather, straw, and fabric. 

You can find belts in various quality ranges made from Various leather materials, including PU leather, PVC leather, and regenerated leather. The color variety, style options, and low prices make it an ideal product to source and sell. 

Number 1: Apparel


GloballyDropshipping Apparel.webp


Clothing is the top choice of businesses sourcing products from China. Chinese markets offer clothing catering to all age groups. You can easily find the quality and price you are seeking. 

The versatility is increased by customization options, which enable businesses to add their logos. The underwear market is also a great option for businesses sourcing apparel. 

The variety is immense, ranging from cotton, modal, and silk, which are also offered in many different styles. If you are seeking T-shirts then check this article out. Hence, businesses can source these products through reliable fulfilment services like Globallyfulfill to profit from the growing fashion industry. 



China offers an incredible variety of products to source and sell for a highly successful dropshipping business. Businesses can select the products according to their budget and target audience. 

Hence, businesses can source these products through reliable fulfillment services like Globallyfulfill to profit from the growing fashion industry. This company can make your dropshipping hassle easier by offering amazing end-to-end solutions.


Handling the logistics while dealing with other aspects of the business can be a hard task. However, with Globallyfulfill you won’t have to worry about managing your inventory, packaging and even delivering your products timely to your valuable customers.


Globallyfulfill will ensure that your business operations work seamlessly without you getting overburdened. This is your chance to improve your customer service by choosing Globallyfulfill as your trusted fulfilment partner.



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